Broaden Your Horizon

By: Bonnie Liu

Hi all? How is everyone recently? Is the weather in your area getting hot now too? I hope that you can enjoy the coming summer. Weather in Rochester is mostly unpredictable, but is recently getting hotter and hotter!

Today, the hottest place is nowhere outdoors, but inside Simon, because our Broaden Your Horizon is moving to Latin America! Broaden Your Horizon is Simon’s traditional Seminar Series which has been going on for more than 20 years. Back to 1991, Simon Students initiated a series of lunchtime presentations sponsored by students from different countries around the world and hosted by SimonUnited. The presentations will introduce cultures, politics, economics and business of students’ home countries. Of course traditional cuisine is a “must-have” part in the seminar too! Since then, Broaden Your Horizon has become a traditional Simon Seminar Series and is held in every quarter throughout the academic year. Broaden Your Horizon is also one of the most popular seminars amongst all the Simon students!

I had a great lunchtime today with many Simon students at Broaden Your Horizon. What comes to your mind when talking about Latin America? Sunshine, beautiful beaches, delicious food and drink, music, dance, etc.? Anything that you can or cannot image is presented during each seminar. Students representing Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti and Brazil gave us an all-around introduction to their countries. Besides presenting slides and videos, our talented Simonites also danced and sang songs for us. I was greatly attracted by not only the cultures and awesome views of these countries, but also by our Simonites’ talent and passions. I just can’t wait to start my discovery trip in Latin American countries!

Being in such a diverse community as Simon, you can broaden your horizon every day. I feel lucky that I joined this great community and learned from all my Simon classmates. What is our next stop at Broaden Your Horizon? It can be anywhere and we are looking forward to you joining our Simon Family and introducing your home country to us.

Finally, as June is approaching, I would like to congratulate the Simon Classes of 2012. Congratulations on your graduation! Wishing you guys all the best, and keep broadening your horizon in the future! And to all my future Simon classmates, see you in the fall!




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