Attending an On-campus Admissions Event is Highly Recommended!

By Stephani Springer

The admissions process to a graduate program can be an overwhelming and stressful experience.  Throughout my admissions experience I was also completing my final year of undergrad; talk about added stress. However, I was able to find some relief in what came to be my favorite part of the admissions process, the on-campus events.  These events provide a no-pressure look into the Simon experience (well, except Scholarship Weekend, that’s stressful).  There are countless opportunities to ask questions of staff, students and professors. My personal favorite on-campus event was Women’s Weekend.

I was initially drawn to Simon because of their initiative to bring in more females, specifically young women such as myself. Women’s Weekend provided me the opportunity to talk to female alumni of my chosen program and see where they ended up.  The results were not disappointing; past women of Simon have gone on to be business owners, directors and high powered executives of fortune 500 companies.  Not to mention they were all so friendly, down to earth and genuinely interested in the prospective students.  Who wouldn’t be drawn to a school that helped produce such fabulous and powerful women? I think all female, future business extraordinaires, have that secret desire to rule an empire. After my Women’s Weekend experience, I am confident that Simon is capable of getting me there.

Now of course the gentlemen out there are wondering how they can have a similar experience.  Simon offers numerous other on-campus events for all students such as Saturday at Simon, which this past year actually overlapped with Women’s Weekend.  Saturday at Simon hosted a particular panel that I can truly say solidified my intention to choose Simon when offered admission.  There was a panel of students, current and recently graduated, that held a Q&A session.  By this point we already had plenty of opportunities to ask our admission types of questions to staff, and were now seeking the student perspective.  They shared their experiences of life at Simon, gave opinions on course load and provided tips on making the most of your one or two years at Simon. The students also let us know that although the programs are tough and everyone seems to only talk about the academic aspects, Simon is a fun place too.  There is the Toastmasters Wine Club, happy hours and a party or two. It wasn’t just me, there was almost a sigh of relief across the room after that information was shared. At that point we all knew Simon’s stellar academic credentials so it was great to hear there is time to unwind as well.

I highly recommend attending an on-campus event at Simon during your admissions process. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, tour campus and network with current students, alumni and future peers. Check out for a list of upcoming events (note-the Saturday at Simon is now listed in the Simon Open House section) or contact someone in the admissions office directly, they are more than willing to help. Best of luck to everyone gearing up to navigate the business school admissions process!


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