At Simon the World is your Oyster

By: Janine Oxer, M.B.A. Candidate, Class of 2011
It feels like just yesterday when I attended the first day of orientation at Simon. I remember having many conversations where I found out where people came from, where they had worked previously, and why they were pursuing their M.B.A while trying desperately to remember each and every name. While everyone has extremely different backgrounds, the common thread that bound our class together was our enthusiasm to be studying at Simon.

One of the most common questions asked during orientation was, “What brought you to Simon?” Naturally, students were drawn to Simon for its national reputation, the dynamic professors, the diverse student body, the strong quantitative classes and exemplary financial concentration.

However, an important strength of Simon’s that is often overlooked is the personalized M.B.A. experience.

In the classroom environment, professors work hard to learn the name of everyone in their class and really enjoy getting to know each student. It is fun attending the “Friday Night Flicks” where professors watch a movie and eat some pizza with students. A few weeks ago, I attended a “happy hour” where one well-liked professor came and shared stores from his past experiences. There is a real camaraderie between the students and faculty that needs to be recognized. In building strong relationships with the Simon faculty, students are able to focus and learn more about what exactly interests them. Often in larger programs, this personalized aspect is lost.

Prospective students might be concerned by the smaller-sized program, but when I started studying at Simon three short months ago, instantly I was thrilled (as well as overwhelmed) by the many opportunities that were offered. Constantly student organizations are hosting events to visit with corporations, communicate with guest speakers and offer students the opportunity to take on new leadership roles. A few weeks ago, when the student organizations were holding their officer elections, it was refreshing to see that people all could be involved in organizations that interest them. Each week, there are always activities that students can take advantage of that complements the dynamic learning environment at Simon.

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