Around Rochester: Mendon Ponds Park

By: Stefanie

Rochester is lucky to have not only an active music and arts, sports, and dining and nightlife scene, but we also have plenty of green space to go around.  Within the city limits there are many recreational parks for tennis, jogging, softball, football, dog walking, etc, but there are also many larger parks more suitable for hiking and biking both within the city limits and just outside the city.  Many of these larger parks are supported by the Monroe County Parks System.Mendonpondspark

One of my favorites to visit regularly is Mendon Ponds Park which is only a 15 minute drive from the city.  Mendon Ponds is the largest park in the Monroe County Parks system and covers 2,500 acres.  It includes 10 hiking trails, 5 ponds, wetlands, horseback riding trails, plenty of places for a quiet picnic, and, for larger parties, lodges and shelters you can rent.

On most days, a visitor will easily see plenty of birds such as chickadees, sparrows, cardinals, and blue jays; and also many deer.  But on a recent weekday hike in early morning (when the park has less people), I got a glimpse of the park’s lesser seen birds:  a piliated woodpecker, a wild turkey (which crossed the path right in front of me), and a great blue heron.  Not a bad day’s sighting!

Mendon Ponds is not just for spring, summer, and fall (where the leaves are splendid colors) though.  In winter, many trails are groomed, so you can hike, snowshoe, cross country ski, and sled.  There are many activities to enjoy at this park and since each day is never the same, you can continue to come back again and again.  Enjoy!

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