Applying in the March application round? Here are some tips and pointers.

The following blog post was written by Rebekah Lewin MBA ’02, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid

If you are reading this blog, you are probably contemplating 2017 entry for the Rochester Simon MBA or MS program. As you plan for B-school, you are likely to encounter conversations about the pros and cons of applying for the March application round. Although we have already extended a number of offers for our enrolling cohorts, there are still spaces available for each program. If you think now is the right time, we encourage your interest and application, as we are excited to find the best candidates from each application round for our programs.

Important considerations for the March application deadline:

  • Have your application materials ready to submit on or before the deadline. You don’t want to have your application delayed from a review due to a recommendation not being submitted on time or not having your transcripts ready to submit.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your profile – this includes a quick assessment of the middle 80% profile for candidates admitted to your target program. If you fall within these ranges, for most of the criteria, then there is a stronger likelihood that you arSimone a potential fit.
  • Be ready to share why you did not apply earlier in the application cycle. The Admissions Committee realizes that you may have waited to put your “best foot forward” or may have had circumstances that have changed recently that caused you to reconsider the timing for B-school.
  • Save up vacation time so that you are ready to take time off to visit campus if you are offered an admission interview on campus – this is a great way to stand out to the Admissions Committee and show your commitment to Simon.
  • If admitted, you will have less time to contemplate an offer – generally 2-3 weeks after admission, you will be asked to confirm your seat and pay an enrollment deposit.

What about international applicants?

  • There are still spots for both US and international candidates. However, the timelines to secure a visa and the associated paperwork take extra time, so you should expect even shorter timelines to pay your deposit and prove financial support for your studies.

Is financial aid still available?

  • Merit scholarship is available across all rounds but may be more competitive – especially going into the May application round.
  • The International Student Loan Program (no co-signer required) for the Full-time MBA program also has some funding available for spring applicants. It’s important to apply as soon as possible to maximize your opportunity for consideration.
  • Federal student loans and other educational loans for domestic students are also available to finance your studies, as most financial aid packages are finalized around June each year.

There are still a few weeks left to put together your application for our March 15 deadline to the full-Time MBA or MS program. Good luck as you put the finishing touches on your application, and we will look forward to reviewing it as we enroll our cohort. Good luck! As always we are happy to answer any questions that arise. Contact us at: or +1-585-275-3533.

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