Applying a Simon Education

By: Nidhi, MBA Candidate, Class of 2009

Commonly an emphasis is placed on the value of practical learning – after all, the Internship component of the MBA Program is designed just for that.  However, choosing the right elective courses and the right mix of class topics is imperative.  This sparked my quest to take classes that maximized my business knowledge.  By this, I do not mean information I would forget the day after the exam or could ‘Google’ to obtain; I sought out knowledge that would help me respond to different situations in the best possible ways.

In the rush to learn as much as possible, sometimes you forget to actually let the information sink in.  Often, the best learning never happens in a day or even a quarter.  The experience of utilizing obtained information will surface when you have a situation which allows you to apply that fresh knowledge.  Bingo!  That is when you realize classes you initially felt were impractical are now completely relevant.

Therefore, learn by doing.  Simon MBA graduates seem to know better how to reach solutions and find answers in their business adventures.  You certainly cannot 'Google' to reactivate that kind of knowledge.


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