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An Advertising Adventure

By: Adrian Finch

With the last week of the winter quarter approaching and a new quarter on the horizon, it is work, work, work here at the Simon School. These last few weeks have flown by, and I find my studies as an MS Marketing student busier than ever.

Tonight, I finish my Advertising and Sales Promotion class. It’s been a great quarter learning from Professor Lovett and listening to the various guest speakers who have visited our classroom. And after weeks of taking what we’ve learned and applying it to a new setting, my group and I will finally present our advertising proposal tonight to local Rochester advertising agency, Partners & Napier.

As substitute for our mid-term and final exams, we were asked to create an advertising campaign for Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s Brew Over Ice K-Cups. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the K-Cup, it’s time to get acquainted. They are amazing! The K-Cups work with the Keurig single-serve brewer. Not only does the Keuring brew hot coffee, but it also brews cold coffee, and that was our challenge – We needed to switch consumers’ perception of viewing the Keurig as only a hot beverage brewer, to a device that also brews cold. It might seem easy, but it’s always a challenge to switch consumers’ perceptions.

So, with our task at hand, my group and I became consumed with determining our target market, getting in the heads of our consumers, and learning everything there is to know about Brew Over Ice K-Cups. We used such sources as NetBase, Simmons Data, and Neilson ratings. But that wasn’t enough. We made trips to Wegmans and looked at the shelves to see what flavors were being sold, at what prices, and what, if any, the displays looked like. We tweeted Brew Over Ice, followed their Facebook page, and looked for updates on the GMCR website. We even brewed our own Brew Over Ice and noted how it tasted, for both iced coffee and iced tea.

Taking all our great research and insight, we painstakingly wrote our proposal and developed 5 different creatives. Next was the waiting game. Would our group be chosen from the class to present to all of Partners & Napier? 

And as it turns out, all of our hard-work paid off, and tonight is the night that we’ll present to six members of the Partners & Napier team! With our PowerPoint in hand and our creatives set to animation, we’re excited, nervous, and ready to show what dedication, teamwork, and the Simon education can deliver when given a challenge.




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