Alumni Spotlight: Terrence Liverpool, MBA ‘08

As Senior Marketing and Digital Communications Manager, I manage the implementation of Digital Strategy across all of International Securities Exchange’s brands including our websites, social media, email marketing, and other areas of digital communications.

I chose Simon for a number of reasons but two reasons were particularly important. One was the quality of people. No other school from top to bottom was as genuine in their approach, open with their answers about the program, or willing to tell me about the good & bad experiences as the people I met at Simon. I really appreciated that. The second reason was the School’s quantitative approach to analyzing business situations. Prior to coming to Simon, I had a great grounding in the soft skills of marketing, but felt the need to shore up my quantitative skills. Simon was the perfect place to do that.

Terrence Liverpool, MBA ‘08 International Securities Exchange (ISE), Senior Marketing & Digital Communications       Manager

Terrence Liverpool, MBA ‘08
International Securities Exchange (ISE), Senior Marketing & Digital Communications

Coming to Simon has been a personal blessing for me. I met a network of people I will cherish for the rest of my life. The friends I made at Simon are people I am still close to today. My fellow classmates near or far are always familiar to me, so if I bump into them in an airport or shoot them a LinkedIn message I can always expect a great response because of the bond formed at Simon.  In addition, I am still close to many of the folks that worked as part of the administration while I attended Simon and I cherish those relationships. You truly do form a familial bond with the people at Simon – it’s not just idle chatter.

Professionally I have benefited from the knowledge of how to be a better problem solver. I never realized how much marketing depends on analytics. Analytics and ROI are essential in my line of work and I learned how to truly tell a story through numbers at Simon, that is a skill set I can take with me anywhere.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Take advantage of everything Simon has to offer. Academics are key and you should definitely focus on them, but you didn’t come to business school just to study. Get to know your classmates and not just your core group of friends. These are the people with whom you will network in the future, so establishing a rapport while you are in school goes a long way. Be active in both in the Simon community and the greater Rochester community.  You are at a great school in a great city. The administration provides funding and resources to help you get things accomplished that you would like to see done. Take advantage of those opportunities, take on a project, start a new initiative, work on something that’s out of your comfort zone – this will leave you with some of your greatest memories. Lastly, expand your network….attend conferences, join clubs, intern at companies in the area, reach out to alumni, participate in a case competition. All of these are great ways to get to know people who may be valuable resources in the future.  Think about tomorrow and not just today.

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