Alumni Spotlight: Shelli Ulrich Zachary, MBA ‘07

Shelli Ulrich Zachary, MBA ‘07 General Electric, Sales Director, Global Financial Solutions at GE Capital

Shelli Ulrich Zachary, MBA ‘07
General Electric: Sales Director, Global Financial Solutions at GE Capital

In my role as Sales Director at GE Capital, I am responsible for researching and structuring global financial solutions for multinational corporations.
I chose Simon for many reasons. First, Simon is a well regarded school in the financial services industry along with other industries, given the analytical skill-set of many of the graduates. In addition, the professors are world-class and the smaller, more intimate classroom setting truly creates a personal experience where all students can grow and thrive.

While at Simon, I grew a lot both personally and professionally. Working within diverse teams in such a demanding environment brings out the good and not so good in people, and it is working through those challenges, especially with different cultures, that will grow you as not only a person but a leader. Not only that, but Simon allows you to take the time to develop relationships with your classmates and the Simon community/network-keep in mind you never know what happens in the next 20+ years, who you will work with or for, who can help you make a tough decision or see things from a different perspective, or make a connection you really need.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Leverage Simon to build not only your technical skill-set, but more to refine your communication, networking and relationship building skills. Our customers and other employees want to work with someone they like and connect with, so focus just as much on how to build and keep meaningful relationship as you do on mastering your degree.

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