Alumni Spotlight: Joe Pak, MBA ’05

I chose Simon because of its outstanding reputation within the finance community, its rigorous curriculum, and its close-knit and integrated family of accomplished professionals, world-renowned faculty, and supportive staff.

Joe Pak, MBA ’05 Funding Analyst  Ford Motor Company

Joe Pak, MBA ’05
Funding Analyst
Ford Motor Company

The Simon degree has given me the tools and framework towards approaching unstructured problems, which has helped me with my career transition from software to finance.  Simon’s focus on analytics, quantitative methods, and the case-based approach has been invaluable to my growth at Ford.  Simon has also helped me establish strong bonds within a network of highly capable and seasoned alums.

I currently work within the treasury on Debt Capital Markets, specifically in retail securitization funding.  Ford Motor Credit Company (FMCC) is the largest issuer of auto Asset-Backed Securities (ABS), with a total public issuance of $16.2B in 2012.  I work within a team of 5 individuals responsible for the issuance of public / private securities, or the establishment of liquidity facilities backed by FMCC-originated retail auto loans.  Together, we partner with banks, rating agencies, legal counsel, and investors to execute Ford’s funding strategy within the retail asset class space.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Know your strengths, and continue to build on them-but also continue to push your comfort zone and develop new strengths.  The diversity of Simon students, classes, community, and experiences will help you to build upon your strengths starting from day one.  Also, it is not as important that you have your exact career path, but that you have a plan or set of plans.  Often times, things can and will change once you finish b-school.

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