Alumni Spotlight: Jari Greenbaum, MBA ‘07

Senior Marketing Manager Liazon Corporation

Senior Marketing Manager
Liazon Corporation

Liazon Corporation is a private benefits exchange.  I lead our marketing efforts for insurance brokers and carrier partners, as well as business development and product management for any new and non-standard initiatives.

I was already an undergraduate at the University of Rochester, and was looking to take advantage of one of the University’s combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees.  As a math major, I decided that business was the ideal track for me to follow, and the opportunity at Simon was just what I was looking for.

I think most alumni agree that Simon teaches you how to think and address new challenges.  It also provided me with a great network of smart and talented people throughout the country-and even the world, who have stayed with me as great friends and trusted colleagues.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:  
Definitely make sure that the academics are a great fit for you, and the curriculum matches what you are looking for.  But beyond that, consider all of the extracurricular, educational, and social opportunities offered by the school.  These are great chances to learn something new or just meet new people, which makes your time in business school that much more enjoyable and memorable.

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