Alumni Spotlight: Daniel S. Silky, MBA ’10

Meet Daniel Silky, Xerox Corporation, Pricing, Contracts and Proposals Manager, Litigation Services Business Unit

Dan SilkyI applied to schools strong in analytically-based economics and finance.  Geographically, Simon offered the strongest alumni network in the Northeast and Upstate New York region, which was also important to both my short- and long-term personal & professional goals.  Lastly, the size of the MBA program allowed me to form close relationships with classmates, professors, and other Simon staff.

The Simon degree has allowed me to shift my career path in a direction that would not have been possible pre-MBA.  I price software and professional services for a leading company in the e-discovery industry. I have also formed lifelong friendships and a bond with the University that are among my most proud personal achievements!

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
Don’t feel like you “must” get a concentration in a particular area of study.  If you want to explore classes outside your focus, do it!  You will look back 3-5 years after graduation and be happy that you did.

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