Alumni Spotlight: Christine J. Stoelting, MS Marketing ’07; MBA ‘08

I chose Simon because of the depth of analytics and real-world application in the curriculum, which supported academic theory and business case studies we discussed. I also chose Simon for the small class sizes that encouraged meaningful discussion, and the world class faculty.

As an undergraduate I studied multiple disciplines within the social sciences, humanities, and sciences; Simon allowed me to take that broad global knowledge base of studying people and theory, and focus in on specific business applications while really sharpening my quantitative skills. The MS Marketing program enabled me to delve deeply into the field of marketing, and the MBA program enabled me to round-out my business knowledge through coursework in other disciplines. For me, all of this was the perfect blend and perfect background to start my career.

Associate Brand Manager Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Associate Brand Manager
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

At Simon I was able to discuss and analyze real-world business challenges within operations, finance, accounting, organizational strategy, consumer behavior, advertising, new product planning and development, pricing, and human resources strategy. In my current and previous roles, I have worked on cross-functional teams with associates who are specialists in each of these other disciplines. I believe my experiences at Simon have helped me to know the right questions to ask and what information to seek from each of my team members. My education prepared me well for team-based work.

In addition, I was fortunate to study with a great group of fellow students who became personal friends, and we continue to keep in touch and support each other despite geographic distance. The business world can be competitive, tough, and challenging, and it is important to cultivate a network of mutual trust for ongoing feedback, guidance, and support.

As Associate Brand Manager, I am responsible for leading and executing various projects to help drive growth, awareness, and positioning strategy for a small portfolio of Keurig-Brewed(R) coffee brands. I also have the honor and privilege of working for a company that has a strong sense of social responsibility to give back to coffee-growing communities around the globe.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:  

Once admitted to Simon, absorb as much information as possible–during classes, guest speaker visits, club activities, recruiting events, career planning workshops, and more. Attend corporate visits from as many companies as possible (even if they aren’t in your field) to broaden your awareness of other business disciplines. Get to know your classmates and cultivate professional connections and true friendships; these will become critically important as you navigate through your career. Continue to learn from others, and more importantly continue to learn from yourself.  Sharpen your skills even after you graduate-the world moves and changes very quickly and it is important to stay aware of new technology and evolving trends.

Lastly, take the time to attend fun events with classmates (Simon Uncorked wine tasting events, Broaden Your Horizons cultural events, case study competitions, etc.), get out into the community and experience some of the great restaurants, museums, theater, concerts at the Eastman School of Music, the Susan B. Anthony house, wineries in the Finger Lakes, cozy downtown coffee shops, and more. Rochester is a small city with a lot of heart.

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