Alumni Answers: Senthil Sevugan, ’15 MBA

Meet Senthil Sevugan, a senior consultant at Deloitte in New York City and a 2015 graduate of the MBA program.

Tell me a little about you and about your career.

I grew up in a handful of cities before embarking upon my journey at Simon. Born in Chennai, India and raised in a few cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I had the exposure to multicultural co-existence from a young age. My parents’ upfront investment in my international schooling paid off in my job search. I was recruited by a multinational consumer goods firm with which I started off in a global rotational program and spent four years in three countries performing a wide range of cross-functional roles pivoted by technology. After graduating from Simon, I joined Deloitte’s technology consulting practice in New York. I enjoy my work here as it compliments my ambitious mindset and pushes me beyond my comfort zone.

Senthil Sevugan poses with family members in India.

Senthil Sevugan (left) poses with family members.

How did you know Simon was right for you?

Retrospectively, I can list out a number of “right” things about Simon that I will carry with me and cherish for a long time. The professors and quality of learning definitely stand out. It is very true that the job search becomes a high priority once we get in the mix, but that does not change the ultimate goal of a Simon degree — a quality education. I came into B-school with no prior business education other than my hands on learning experience at Reckitt Benckiser. I still remember having goose bumps in my Pricing, Macroeconomics, Cases in Finance, and Financial Statements Analysis lectures.

Who impacted you the most while you were at Simon and why?

The professors, my peers, and the staff in the Admissions Office, where I worked as a graduate assistant both years. The difference between a college education and a Google education is the experience and method of learning. At Simon, you will find some of the top pioneering professors in their respective fields. The way you will learn things here, it will stick with you and become part of your basics and second nature. My class had exceptional students. Learning from each of them and pushing myself to stay on par with them was also very pivotal to my positive experience. I also enjoyed my time working for the pleasant and smart personalities in the Admissions Office. It gave me the opportunity to positively influence interested candidates and help the School source good talent.

What did you like to do in your free time at Simon?

I had a great set of friends with whom I used to do all sorts of things, including hitting the gym, playing some low stakes house poker, and watching movies. We would also play board games, Frisbee in Whipple Park, and ping pong in Simon’s basement game room.

Do you remember where you were when you received your Simon acceptance? How did it feel?

I was in Malaysia taking a break between my job and my next phase in life (B-school). I felt really happy and relieved.

What was your most memorable Simon experience?

Taking part in the flash mob dance at our Black Jack Ball graduation party.

What is your advice for prospective students? Or what was the best piece of advice you received?

Start laying the groundwork for your job search as soon as you accept your admission. When you hit the ground running, you will learn to balance academics with the job search, and having a head start by reaching out to the Career Management Center will really help your case.

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