Alum Spotlight: Arun Kumar Dabas, MBA ‘05

I am responsible for the growth of intra-country FedEx products across the globe, a portfolio of approximately $1.5 billion. I lead many cross-functional and cross-regional teams at FedEx to create and execute on the strategy of this portfolio.

Arun Kumar Dabas, MBA ‘05 FedEx, Marketing Principal Global Marketing

Arun Kumar Dabas, MBA ‘05
FedEx, Marketing Principal
Global Marketing

The reasons I chose Simon are because of its quantitative based program, its proximity to New York City its affordable cost of living, my ability to get a broad-based education and, above all, the school visit experience.

The Simon degree has provided me with a well-rounded education. I was able to experience leadership within student clubs, and the exchange of ideas with fellow students.  Simon allowed me to transition my career from technology to marketing, and ultimately the strength of the quantitative nature of the program allowed me to excel at my marketing career at FedEx. The fact that I also found my soul mate at Rochester illustrates that the Simon experience significantly exceeded expectations.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School
I would offer this piece of advice — do not hesitate to contact anyone in the Simon family (students, alums, faculty or staff) for any questions or advice.

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