Advice from the Assistant Dean: How to Craft Your Best Application

The following blog post was written by Rebekah Lewin, assistant dean of admissions at financial aid

As we end summer and begin “back to school” season, you are undoubtedly preparing your check list for applying to business school if you are targeting 2019 entry. Here are a few factors to consider so you can put your best foot forward with the Admissions Committee:

  • Rebekah.LewinBe thorough. I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute or pulling an all-nighter to get everything done in the final hours before an application deadline. Many of the aspects of the application take time to do well, and the timelines of some are even outside of your control—especially elements such as transcripts. and Plan out your timeline early and take control of your application process.
  • Be original. Avoid the temptation to use the same essay template for more than one school. While the essay topics may look similar, there are usually some differences. It is obvious to the Admissions Committee if your essays do not fully answer the questions asked, or worse, if you accidentally reference another school.
  • Be resourceful. Do your research so can avoid reaching out to ask questions that can easily be found in an FAQs section on a school’s website. Instead, make the most of your engagement opportunities by identifying some thoughtful questions that will help to showcase your interest in the school. Admissions Committee members appreciate when you have taken the time to get a baseline understanding of the program you’re applying to.
  • Be natural. It’s difficult, but try not to overthink how you present yourself. It’s natural to want to be the “best you” throughout the application process, but also stay focused on being the real you. Schools are looking for candidates who are genuine and have integrity, and we really want to get to know you during the application process. Use the essays and interview to help the Admissions Committee learn about your unique capabilities and distinctions as they evaluate your future potential.

I hope this advice is helpful as you are working on your application, and I encourage you to check out our future webinars and blogs for more tips as you prepare for B-school. Specifically, this week’s webinar, “Preparing to Apply and Common Application Mistakes to Avoid” on Wednesday, August 29, would be great to check out as you make your business school plans.

We hope to see your MBA or MS application to Simon Business School soon!

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