Admission Tips: Connecting with Simon, On and Off Campus

Attending B-school events, whether they are on or off campus, is a critical step in the admissions process. You can learn a lot more at these events than just visiting a school’s website or reading a brochure. Below are several reasons why you should consider connecting with Simon at an event:

  • Face-Time with Admissions: Simon Admissions Officers work with many students each year. By meeting in-person with an Admissions Officer, you have the opportunity to seek answers to your questions, receive admissions feedback, and set yourself apart from other candidates. Also, these interactions help build lasting relationships throughout the application process and beyond so you can connect with the school and discover if it is the right fit for you.
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Mari Stefano, MBA ’10, meeting with a prospective student at a Forté Foundation Event in Boston.

  • Connections with Current Students, Faculty, and Alumni: Many of our on-campus events include opportunities to connect with students, faculty and alumni. This is a great chance to hear anecdotes or tips about their experiences at Simon, and gain insight into the school’s culture – all from a perspective that isn’t likely captured on our website or brochure. This also gives you more time with key influencers who may report back to the Admissions Committee on their engagement with you. And this isn’t just for on-campus events. Simon Admissions Officers are often accompanied by alumni at off-campus events, which is another great opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback in real-time.
  • Assess “Fit”: By visiting campus, you are able to envision what life might be like as a Simon student. It is your chance to explore Simon, the University of Rochester campus and Rochester, NY.

Connecting with Simon at on-and off-campus events is certainly a worthwhile experience! Check out this video of Eileen Ketchoyian, Assistant Director of Admissions & Enrollment at Simon, explaining the benefits of attending events. And don’t forget to check out Simon’s upcoming events. We hope to welcome you to campus soon or meet you at an off-campus event near you!

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