Admission Tips: Admissions Interviews, the Campus Visit and “Fit”

When you receive the request to interview with the Simon MBA or MS program, you have a decision to make.  Do you take time off of work and spend the money to travel to Rochester, NY to interview in person, or do you schedule the interview so you can finish it more quickly and conduct it over Skype?  If you are an international applicant, it is obviously more challenging to travel to Rochester for your interview and we really do not expect you to do so. If you are a domestic applicant, we will likely request a campus interview-here are several important reasons why it is in your best interest to come and meet us in Rochester.

Face-time with members of the Admissions Committee

An in-person campus interview sends a strong signal to our Admissions Committee of your interest in the Simon MBA or MS degree.  Taking the time to visit our campus indicates your willingness to invest your resources in learning more about our program, and that you are serious about making the time to confirm that our program is a good fit for you.

Connections with current students, faculty, and alumni

Many of our Open House events include a campus tour, class visit, panel discussions with alumni and current students, Career Management Center discussions, and student social activities – so this is far more than just completing an admissions interview.  It provides insight into the culture of the School, and also more time with key influencers who may report back to the Admissions Committee on their engagement with you during your time on campus.

Ability to assess “fit”

By visiting campus, you are giving yourself the opportunity to envision what life might be like here for the next one or two years (as well as giving us more time with you to assess the same).  Not only will you get to see the facilities and grasp a sense of the campus and Rochester, but you will get to interact with faculty, staff, and students.  Every business school will likely talk to you about “fit” and choosing a program that has the right fit for you.  This is a difficult task without visiting the program in person before making a decision.  Come to Simon to meet us and you will see for yourself whether you picture yourself as the newest member of our MBA or MS community.

VisitWe look forward to seeing you in Rochester very soon!

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