Accelerated M.B.A. Option at Simon

By: Stefanie

Are you looking to fast-track your M.B.A. but don't want to sacrifice some of the education?  Well, good news, the Simon School has a program for you!  Our 18-month accelerated full-time M.B.A. consists of all the same courses in our traditional 2-year M.B.A., but can be completed in less time.  Students start in January and take their first year core classes in either 2 or 3 quarters.  They then join their 2-year M.B.A. classmates in September to continue with their electives in their second year and both groups graduate the following June.

Individuals who are career accelerators, those who do not need an internship to succeed in their post-M.B.A. goals, as well as undergraduates with December graduation dates who feel they are ready for an M.B.A. and do not want to delay their business school studies, are a good fit for this entry option.  While a summer internship is not built-in to the program, it can be possible if certain requirements are met.  Additional details can be found on our website.  Simon's overall placement rate of over 90% within 3 months of graduation (Class of 2008) includes both our September and January entrants, and placement between the two groups is virtually identical.

We are proud to be one of only 2 top-ranked business schools to offer a January entry and we hope you will think it's a good fit for you.  Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis through October 15, 2009.  Learn more about the details on the application process and start your application online now! 

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