A Summary of the 1st Half of Simon’s 2011 Fall Quarter

By: Bonnie Liu

Hello everyone, welcome to the Simon Admission Blog. Before starting my first blog post I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Bonnie Liu, first year MBA student from China, five years experience with an international bank before coming to Simon. It is really my great honor to share something about my life and experience at Simon with all of you, from an international student’s perspective.

We have just survived our first mid-terms exam last week and are currently working with the Simon Experience Modules. The past two months were really exciting and intense to me. I can hardly list all my experiences in one time but I will try my best to recall and share with you later. In short, I would say that Simon is a great school with wonderful faculty and outstanding students. We are a small program but we are diverse and close.  Every day here is different and gives you a fresh view. I make friends with different people and learn from their unique background every single day.

I would like to highlight three events that I have attended in these two weeks: the Meliora Weekend, the Experience Simon Modules and Lasagna Dinners at Dean Zupan’s home. I will share the first with you today!

The Meliora Weekend
Do you know the meaning of “Meliora”?  This is the motto of U of R which means “ever better”. The Meliora Weekend is just like a big festival to the whole university-alumni came back with their families and reunited with their old friends.  The Simon School also welcomed its great alumni. I took a volunteer job as greeter to help with events that were held by Simon. It was amazing to talk to alumni who graduated in the years before the year that I was born -like old friends. A panel was held by the Simon School with the subject of “Hit the Ceiling: An Examination of American’s Debt Crisis”. Guest speakers included professors and alumni. I did learn a lot by listening to their wisdom-filled speeches!

Well, just for these two weeks we have had so many interesting experiences. Halloween is coming this weekend and I have not decided on my costume for the party yet. The 2nd half of the quarter will begin next week, along with the famous cold winter in Rochester. Though intense, I cannot wait for the coming exciting events and challenges, and we are sure to make it through!

Hope you enjoy our sharing on this blog, and please feel free to reach me at he.liu@simon.rochester.edu . I would be very happy to answer any questions that you may have. Good luck with your application and please stay tuned for future updates, especially on the aforementioned topics!



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