A Note from the Deans about the Events in Minneapolis and NYC

Simon Business School, along with the University of Rochester, stands against hatred, bigotry and discrimination of any kind. We are heartbroken to learn of the horrific recent events in Minneapolis, in New York City’s Central Park, and across the country, and are committed to supporting you as we try and move forward and heal. In a message from President Mangelsdorf, she says that “words of acknowledgement and comfort are not enough. Community-engaged action is needed,” and we are committed to educate and empower each other to end this vicious cycle of racism and intolerance, which have no room in our society.

We are a strong, and close-knit community, and we are working with the University and Simon’s Admissions Office and Office of Student Engagement to help us through this dark period in history.

Wishing you all peace and comfort,

Andrew Ainslie                                                         Sevin Yeltekin
Dean                                                                        Incoming Dean
Simon Business School                                           Simon Business School

Greg Bauer                                                              Rebekah Lewin
Associate Dean of Full-Time Programs                   Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Simon Business School                                           Simon Business School

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