A Conversation With Champions

By: Ariane

New-LPGA Being a stop for the LPGA tour is just another great thing about living in Rochester.  The Wegman's-sponsored stop of the tour is held at the stunning Locust Hill Country Club, home to "a championship 18 hole golf course designed by the Scottish Pro and Architect Seymour Dunn." 

I, myself, am an amateur golfer at best.  Despite my total lack of skill at the game, there is something about being at an event like this I just love – the smell of the grass, the quiet buzz of the spectators and the steely reserve and occasional show of emotion from the competitors.  Fortunately for me, I was able to help represent the Simon School at this year's "A Conversation with Champions" luncheon.

The event is two-fold, beginning with the presentation of the Susan B. Anthony Promise Award, which "celebrates a leading Rochester woman and alumna of the Simon School whose career, leadership and energy promise to help portray Susan B. Anthony's Dream."  This year's recipient could not have been more deserving.  Lynn Sullivan worked full-time, received a Bachelor's and Master's degree and raised three children - all at the same time!  This hard work has served her well, as she is now the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill Industries of Greater Rochester.  She is a model of perseverance, wonderfully tempered with modesty and a good sense of humor.  Listening to her speak was both inspirational and entertaining while feeling privileged for being able to attend.

Ther remainder of the event was a round-table discussion with four of the tour competitors, moderated by Mary Beth Cooper.  Mary Beth is also a Simon alumnae and prior SBA Promise Award Winner, currently serving as the Vice President for Student Affairs at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Participating golfers were Leta Lindley, Katherine Hull, Stacy Lewis (who tied for fourth in the event), and Pat Hurst.  The ladies had a great conversation about the advantages of delaying a professional golf career for a few years in order to obtain their degree – points included the ability to mature, learn to manage yourself, your money and time, as well as having something to fall back on if and when being a golfer is no longer a viable living.  They made excellent points and I'm certain both the golfers' advice and Lynn's success made some impressions on the young aspirants in the audience.

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