2008-2009 Travel Season

By: Jackie

Greetings from Simon! It’s been a busy summer in the admissions office– we have been welcoming new students who have already started here as well as getting ready for all of those who will start orientation very soon, we have had many visitors and have started reviewing applications for our accelerated MBA program which will start in January of 2009. In addition we have been planning our upcoming travel for this fall and early winter and I’m excited to report that we will be going to a lot of great cities all over the world this year. In the US, we will be covering a lot of territory from the east to west coast visiting over 20 different locations in 17 states. We’ll also be visiting Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China, Turkey, Greece, and India between now and early winter and will be in some of those countries more than once! To see specific dates and times you can visit: Simon off-campus recruitment schedule.

We look forward to seeing you in our travels! 

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