“Thinking-outside-of-the-Box” Simon Alumni Panel

By: Nidhi, MBA Candidate, Class of 2009

The Simon School held an amazing panel last week. Actually, there were two panels with 18 alumni from industries and cities all over the map. This “Thinking-outside-of-the-Box” Event, organized by Net Impact, Simon National Black and the Career Management Center, made me think, and open my eyes to the fact that all industries are not dead in today’s economy.

Simon does have a smaller alumni network compared to the Ivies of the world, but we are pretty diverse and well represented in terms of the industries we cover, and the functions we are employed in. For instance, this panel had alums working in industries as varied as fashion, healthcare, not-for-profit, retail, real estate, technology and law firms!

The panelists were very open and eager to give Simonites’ the benefit of their struggles and triumphs. All of them provided great insights into the ins and outs of their roles and careers, what makes their particular industries tick and how the economy has affected their worlds.

I’ve attended a lot of guest speaker events during the course of my MBA and have had the opportunity to hear pretty remarkable people share their life and career stories. Most of them have been incredible and enriching experiences and this panel surpassed them by leagues. I walked away with renewed hope and enthusiasm as well as many new ideas about what options I had and what I want from life post-MBA.

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