You have applied for one of the first two deadlines…now what?

By Andrew Brayda

Happy Thanksgiving! As most US business schools reopen after the Thanksgiving holiday, many of you reading this blog have submitted an application for either the round #1 or round #2 deadline and may be asking yourself, now what? As you await a decision from the Admissions Committee (no matter where you have applied), I thought it would be helpful to respond to one of the most common questions I was asked while traveling this fall. That being, “how do I experience the culture of a business school?”

Although it is difficult to quantify the “culture” of a business school, I must admit that I love getting this question. This shows that an individual is concerned not only about the academic rigors and benefits of an MBA program, but also about the campus experience and their respective fit within the community. One of the most effective ways to discern the culture of a school, and ultimately if you feel comfortable there as a student, is to spend time on campus. Most campus visits will provide you the opportunity to meet with Admissions staff, tour the campus, visit a class, meet faculty, and meet current students. Others will even allow you to conduct your official admissions interview. Take the time to evaluate each school and the events offered. Spend time having conversations with not only the Admissions staff (though we love to talk), but also with current students, the Career Management Center, and most importantly, some of the amazing faculty that you will be learning from.

Here are two major events we have coming up on the Simon calendar:

  • Saturday @ Simon Saturday, December 11th
    • Saturday @ Simon allows prospective students to conduct their official admissions interview (pre-registration is required), receive a campus tour, hear from our Career Management Center, and attend faculty, current student, and alumni panels.


  • Simon Open Interview Day – Monday, January 24th
    • Simon Open Interview Day allows students to conduct their official admissions interview (pre-registration is required) as well as providing the opportunity to: interact with other prospective students, attend a class, receive a campus tour, and eat lunch while participating in round-table discussions with representatives from the Career Management Center.

Either of these events would be a great opportunity to experience the unique culture of the Simon School and how you might fit here as a student. Keep in mind that we have a number of other on-campus events throughout the year that are available as well as Admissions events in a city near you.

Note: Many international students may also be wondering how they can experience the culture at Simon if they are unable to visit. One of the most beneficial conversations any student will have in evaluating the culture of a business school is with the Admissions staff and current students. Feel free to contact an Admissions representative or a current student and ask them about the culture of Simon!

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