Witnessing a Unique Event at Simon

The following blog post was written by Andrew Belliveau, 2015 MBA Candidate

This week at the Simon Business School, students had a chance to witness a unique event: the conferring of an MBA degree that was earned 47 years ago. The degree was given to Gerald Gitner, and it was an honor to attend the event and learn about Gitner’s career since he attended Simon. He matriculated at the business school directly out of undergrad. After leaving Simon, his career took off in the airline industry. After just four years at Trans World Airlines (TWA) he became an executive and he served in increasingly important roles in several other companies in the industry, such as Pan American, before he started People Express Airlines. 

Dean Andrew Ainslie with Gerald Gitner

Dean Andrew Ainslie with Gerald Gitner

Gitner’s degree recognition was an inspiring event to witness for several reasons. Firstly, it is always nice to meet Simon alumni who have accomplished such incredible things with the skills they refined here. Secondly, I particularly associated with Gitner’s background since I also came to Simon directly from undergrad. Hearing his story about being recognized as a leader early on in his tenure at TWA gave me confidence as I embark on my own career. Thirdly, it was so nice to see Gitner return to Simon to accept his degree so graciously.

I hope that I will be able to stay connected to the school as an alumnus and this event was an example of what that might look like. I believe this is the beginning of a time of even stronger alumni relations at the school. 


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