Where to Live While at Simon: Off-Campus Housing

By: Stefanie

As promised in my last post, I will continue with the housing topic from last month.  If you wish to live off-campus, there are many options close to the university including apartment complexes, apartments within a house, and renting – or perhaps even purchasing – an entire home.

Apartment complexes can be a nice option for those unfamiliar with the Rochester area and who would prefer to live among many people and have amenities like pools and tennis courts, maintenance, cable, Internet, and other such services that may not be available through a private landlord. Typically, this can result in the complexes being slightly more expensive (upwards of $550 for a studio, $650 for a one bedroom, and $750 or more for two bedrooms) than other off-campus housing options. However, they also usually include heat and hot water in the rent – whereas apartments within homes may not.

Apartment complexes within walking, biking, public bus, or driving distance of Simon include: 1600 Elmwood, Elmwood Court, Elmwood Manor, Elmwood Terrace, Clintwood Apartments, French Court, Imperial South, and Rustic Village.

If you would rather live in more of a neighborhood-type environment with tree-lined streets and sidewalks, a few popular neighborhoods where Simon students choose to live are Park Avenue, Corn Hill, and the South Wedge.  These communities have a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and parks where students can enjoy their time away from school.

Houses and rooms for rent in these areas and others can vary greatly in price depending on size and location. Some rooms are available for as little as $300/month in a shared home and entire houses can go from $1000/month upwards. Students often share houses to cut expenses and meet each other through on-campus events and Web sites dedicated exclusively to admitted students.

The Community Living Program, a part of the Residential Life Office, is a resource that provides a variety of referral and apartment-hunting services for University of Rochester students. Because some landlords in the Rochester community choose to only advertise with CLP, they support a directory of housing listings that may not be found in other online sources. The University of Rochester also offers an Off-Campus Housing Database for students.

Other resources for off-campus housing include: The Renters Guide, RentRochester, Craig’s List or the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.

As you can see, there is an array of housing here in Rochester, so you are bound to find one that suits your needs.  Having moved to Rochester from a large U.S. city, I have found that one of the best things about living in Rochester is the affordable housing.  You really can get a lot for your money here so just because you are a full-time graduate student, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your quality of living!

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