What happens if you are put on the Waiting List?

As admissions decisions are starting to roll out this winter, there are a group of applicants that will ultimately be given the opportunity to accept a spot on the “wait list” at Simon.  If you find yourself in this situation, here are some TIPS to keep in mind:

• Keep positive – if you are on the waiting list, there are aspects of your candidacy that the Admissions committee considers favorable.  Each year, we do admit some candidates from the waiting list, so there still may be an option for you to get in this year.

• Be introspective – are there areas of your candidacy that might be holding you back from getting the “admit”?  If so, what can you do to improve your applicant profile?

• Provide a timely update – if something has substantially changed, let us know.  This might be a promotion at work, additional coursework taken with grade outcomes, new test score, or additional internship that you landed.  Whatever the case, make sure the Committee has the most updated information about you.

• Be patient – as tempting as it is, please do not provide multiple updates or numerous email contacts to the Admissions committee requesting feedback.  We promise – as soon as we have an update – we will let you know.  It is truly in our best interest to let you know in a timely fashion of the answer, as we will be doing our best to update you as soon as we know whether there is an opportunity for you to enroll.

• Consider your back-up plan – I firmly believe that the best thing you can do is to give yourself options.  If you don’t get into Simon this year, what would you do instead?  Continue to work in your current role and gain additional seasoning and relevant experience and work to reapply next year?  Secure employment in another company or within your company in a different role?  Consider other graduate B-school options?  Talk to a trusted mentor and/or your family and figure out what options are your “next best” alternative.

While we have many well-qualified applicants who may receive an immediate admission offer, the waiting list doesn’t have to be a negative – it may just be a delay in the decision or outcome.  I encourage you to use the time to figure out next steps and consider some important decisions as you plan for your future.

Have questions about the waiting list?  Post a question on the Admissions Blog or email me:

Rebekah Lewin,
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration

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