The New Simon Winter Sports Club

By: Crissi

One important aspect of student life at Simon is clubs.  Each year, one or two new clubs are founded by enthusiastic students in the incoming class with a great idea for a club that does not currently exist.  The Simon Winter Sports Club is one of the new clubs this year.  Founded by students with experience and appreciation of the cold weather sports afforded by the Rochester winter weather, the club seeks to expose all students to winter sports and activities.

The first order of business for the Winter Sports Club was to create the first ever Winter Gear Guide.  This guide is fantastic for anyone moving to a colder climate for the first time.  Six pages outlines everything you need to know from what brands of boots are the best to what material your cold weather clothes should be made out of (no cotton!).  Later parts of the guide explain sport-specific gear and provide suggestions on where to buy the best gear at the best prices.

The Winter Sports Club planned an ice-skating outing for all of Simon as their first event to be held after finals.  A second-year student volunteered to teach everyone who has never been ice-skating before.  Other events in the works for the winter of 2010 are skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. While students quickly acclimate to the weather, it is nice to know that there are winter sport aficionados at Simon to host adventures in the snow for the rest of us.

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