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The Experience Simon Modules

By: Bonnie Liu

So I mentioned I wanted to highlight 3 events in my previous (first) blog so here is the second…

We attended the Experience Simon Module. The module lasted for six days in the week before the 2nd half of fall quarter starting. Courses taught by different professors covered introduction to career in finance, consulting, marketing and personal selling skills. The purpose of these modules was to let us have deeper understanding of industries and specific positions. It is important to learn theories and knowledge from textbooks, but it is more essential to put theories into effective practice. I finished my first two modules and found them very practical. It was also great to see Dean Zupan during the courses in the morning and have his input for this new modules. Dean Zupan is the best dean we have ever met! Everyone in Simon will sure give you such feedback if you ask about him! Can you imagine that we had dinner in his home?

More talk of Simon to come…my third attended event I want to share coming soon!


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