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Unconventional Career Paths Are Welcome at Simon

By Lillian

Occasionally during the admission cycle, we notice that students will approach our table at MBA information fairs or during our information receptions with the comment “But what if I’m not the conventional MBA student?” or “I didn’t work for 3 years in a corporate office, but was volunteering to teach students in Mali…”

We recognize one of the most valuable assets to a prospective student is their experience – and the experiences of their classmates.  And while the proto-typical MBA would work in business and go right back, we also like to admit those individuals who have taken a less conventional path to get their degree.  At Simon, we have a variety of program partnerships that cater to prospective students who have shown interest in volunteer work, teaching, or working in the military as part of their career path.  The knowledge and experiences held by these students is different and allows for creative collaboration between peers – something we love here at Simon!

To help incentivize students in these programs, we provide scholarships and application fee-waiver accommodation.  For more information, click on any of the links below or go to the Simon Partnerships webpage here.

Peace Corps Fellows/U.S.A. Program –An association of over 40 universities that offer scholarship support to returning Peace Corps volunteers. Simon School awards $10,000 in merit-based scholarship support to admitted candidates who are transitioning immediately out of the Peace Corps, with consideration for additional funding dependent upon the overall strength of the application.

Teach For America –A consortium of top graduate school programs that offer merit-based scholarships, a waived application fee, and consideration for deferred admission for candidates who are immediately transitioning away from their teaching commitment. Simon School guarantees scholarship support of $20,000 over the two years of the full-time M.B.A. program for individuals who are admitted directly after the completion of their Teach For America assignment.

Military at Simon -Prospective students who have had experience with any branch of the U.S. military as a veteran, active duty or as a reservist can pursue their degree at the Simon School.  With the passing of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, we actively participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  To check support amounts, please go here: http://www.simon.rochester.edu/why-choose-simon/simon-partnerships/index.aspx.