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Tag: "Stock Analysis"

Simon Meliora Fund Investment Club

By: Crissi

Simon is known as a finance school.  Aptly, one of its most popular and asked about clubs is the Simon Meliora Fund Investment Club.  It has undergone some notable changes in 2009 for the benefit of all Simon students.

For the last several years, Meliora Fund was a closed club with frozen assets. Only a few selected students had access to the Fund and there was no active trading. Starting last spring the current Executive Board started working on the Fund’s restructuring. The main goal was to open up the Fund to all students, start actively trading securities and make Meliora Fund a great learning environment for everybody. At this time, Meliora Fund doesn’t hold any meetings related to security analysis or portfolio management, except educational events for first-year students. The club will now start having regularly scheduled meetings open to all members. For the second-year M.B.A. students there will be many new available positions within the club including: Analysts for those with no or little experience; and, Senior Equity/Debt Research Analysts for selected students with extensive experience who will supervise the groups of analysts and play an important role in the decision making process.

The Meliora Fund is also hosting campus-wide events open to all Simon students. To learn more about stock analysis, this week the Meliora Fund Club is hosting a Stock Pitch Competition. Simon Students are encouraged to participate or attend in support of their colleagues. The event tagline is: 26 different students. 26 different stocks. 26 different analyses. To learn more about the Simon Meliora Fund Investment Club, you can contact its student leaders directly at: SMFI@simon.rochester.edu.