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Entrepreneurship at Simon

By Lilly


One of the fastest growing concentrations at the Simon School is in entrepreneurship.  For alumni and current students in the program, this comes as no surprise as alumni have been leaving the conventions of corporate America to open and succeed with their own businesses for years. Notable alumni who have gone on to great success are Mark S. Ain with Kronos, Inc., Robert E. Rich with Rich Products Corporation, and Paul A. Brands with American Management Systems, now known as CGIamong numerous others.

Current students are fortunate enough to know that the Center for Entrepreneurship is actually located in one of the main Simon buildings.  The proximity of the faculty and staff who work there, as well as the professors who teach the numerous entrepreneurship courses available is helpful as students work on their unique business plans and seek guidance. 

In addition to the Center for Entrepreneurship, there are numerous other opportunities for current and prospective students on campus.  There is the Mark Ain Business Model Workshop Series and Competition, the Simon Entrepreneurs Club, additional regional business plan competitions unique to the Rochester area (http://www.htr.org/2009_rochester_regional_business_plan_contest.asp) and numerous roundtables, panels and seminars available to learn from successful entrepreneurs in the local or regional community.