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Tag: "MS Marketing"

Looking Back

By: Adrian Finch

The first day of orientation seems like it was only a few months ago. I vividly remember the walk from my car, sweltering in a black suit in the middle of summer, and taking a deep breath before pushing open the doors of the Simon School. I became increasingly nervous as my photo was taken for the roster, and I tried desperately to balance a plate of fruit in one hand while shaking hands with what seemed like hundreds of people. One of those hands would soon be the person I’d call my best friend at Simon, and the others were those that I was equally thankful to have in my program for the next year. As I sat down in the overwhelmingly giant classroom (that I would later trip down the steps of during a final exam), I knew there was no turning back.

Fast forward three quarters and 9 months, and here I sit writing a reflection on my time at Simon. After the first day of Statistics in the summer, I truthfully did not think I would get to this point. But, as I finish filling in the form for regalia, I realize that my time at Simon has almost come full circle, and on June 10, Simon and I will part ways.

I’m sad to say goodbye to Simon. Being a part of such a small school was something that I looked forward to. After graduating from the University at Buffalo with a student body of roughly 27,000, I was eager to study at a university where the professors actually knew my name, and I had the opportunity to join more clubs and get involved. I’m so happy I became a part of the Simon Marketing Association, Simon Ambassadors, and the Simon newspaper, WATS (World According to Simon), and that I was able to work as a Research Assistant and Graduate Assistant. I certainly learned a great deal in my classes, but where I learned the most was when I participated outside of the classroom.

The people I’ve met at Simon made my experience so positive, and I think they are what I’m saddest to leave. I was lucky to have some amazing classmates in the MS Marketing program who acted as a strong support system, and truly great friends. It would have been difficult to make it through without their help and humor. I’ll also miss the staff in the Admissions Office. I loved working with them, not just because of the free food that was always in the kitchen, but because of how they welcomed me into their office as their GA, and were always there to lend a friendly smile. I’ll miss the professors, as we really do have some amazing faculty at Simon. They were so willing to help, and eager to educate. I won’t, however, miss their assignments or exams – I can confidently say I’ll enjoy having my weekends back.

There’s much more I’d like to say, but I’m unfortunately running out of space. So I’ll end with this – Thank you to Simon, and all the people who make it so amazing. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here.