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Introducing Simon CMC from my own experience!

Greetings from Simon! I will start by introducing myself to you, I am a new blogger, Xinrui Yan (Cynthia). I am now a first-year candidate in Simon’s masters degree program, concentrating in Finance. Prior to Simon, I had several internships in the financial services industry and studied both in China and the U.S. I am currently a member of Simon Student Ambassadors, a group of students that are ready to help you here. I am excited to share my experience at Simon with all of you since I went through all the processes that you are now going through for the application and I was delighted by the other Simonites’ blogs when I applied. I think one of all the greatest things about Simon is that our alumni are always helpful, and I absolutely want to be one of them.

Simon offered tons of workshops and social gathering opportunities along with an intense and high quality curriculum. Since every day here is meaningful and so different from the previous, I may not be able to share all my exciting experiences in the past quarter with you, but I will keep you up-to-date with what is happening at Simon in the following days.

What I would like to introduce to you now is the Career Management Center (CMC), which is one of the most helpful groups of people at Simon. They would be the first one to contact you right after you got your admission offer from the admission office and prepare you for the job searching, even before you start school here! I attended the 2012 Boston Career Forum and my experience here becomes the best proof of the excellent job that the CMC has done. I went fully prepared with my company research done at home, was able to easily navigate my target companies, and presented at some company presentations in a timely manner. Talking to many other participants from other top schools as well as company representatives during the Career Fair, I noticed that CMC at Simon did a better job than many other schools in helping first year students to start earlier in their job search. A company “y” told me that he was impressed by Simon students being so motivated and driven, and at the same time confident and prepared. I would say most of this can be attributed to the workshops I joined at CMC: they helped me polish my resume, have instructed me to write emails reaching out to alumni in the company before the Career Fair, and also have given me the framework for potential interviews. As far as I know, CMC also sponsored traveller stipends for MBA students who attended this fair. All in all, I believe Simon is the one that can help you to develop your career to the utmost level.

I have to stop here for today, but the CMC obviously gives us more than what I put down here. Also, let me introduce a Growth Market Program by the CMC which I am getting involved with in the near future. Good luck on your application process!

Meliora !

Xinrui (Cynthia) Yan VP of Simon Student Ambassadors MSF Candidate, Class of 2013 Simon School of Business, University of Rochester


The Great Balancing Act: Academics, Career Search/Networking, and Campus Life

By: Dana

On Monday, April 2nd, the Simon School Admissions Office hosted another successful Open House event on-campus!  This time, I had the opportunity to moderate a current student and alumni panel.  One of the questions that generated a lot of discussion amongst our panelists and audience was in regards to the work (study)/life balance of a b-school student.

The life of a graduate business student can be quite busy- after all, you are balancing academic course work, team work outside of class, and the full-time search for job placement or internships.  With limited hours in the day, it is very important to fine tune your time management skills and maintain realistic expectations about how you plan to accomplish everything while still fitting in time for clubs, networking, and of course a few hours of sleep here and there!  As one of our alumni noted, this will take some time to get used to in the beginning, but you’ll find that it gets easier as you go.  While the first quarter will be an adjustment, by the second and third quarters of study you, “find your groove” so to speak, and will have a much better sense of what your personal limitations are in the great balancing act.  Of course, having Friday’s free from classes helps to build in time for the networking and career search that our students will focus on during their study at Simon.

In addition to the academics and career search, another exciting and important aspect of b-school is the extracurricular component.  There are many clubs, guest lecture series events, networking opportunities, and social functions for our students to take part in.  These opportunities cater not only to your academic pursuits, but also your career ambitions, and even social and athletic interests! With clubs that range in everything from portfolio management (Simon Meliora Fund), to dance (Simon Dance Club), to soccer (Simon Soccer Club) to wine-tasting (Simon Uncorked) there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to get involved.  In addition to clubs, Simon students keep busy by attending our on-campus guest lecture series events. The Frederick Kalmbach Executive Lecture Series (sponsored by the Simon School through a gift from the Frederick Kalmbach Foundation and managed by the Student Services Office), offers students and opportunity to hear from senior corporate executives from around the world as they come to Simon to lecture on current issues in management. The Max Farash Luncheon Series (underwritten by a contribution from the late Max Farash, Chairman of The Farash Corporation) are informal, interactive luncheon lectures featuring prominent speakers from the alumni and business communities.  And finally, the Sands Leadership Lecture Series, founded by Richard Sands, chairman of Constellation Brands, is one built on the premise that leaders emerge from all fields (government, business, education, not for profits).  Interested in studying abroad?  The Simon School also offers International Exchange Programs to provide experience abroad to students anticipating careers with an international focus.  

There is much to gain from your b-school education: a solid foundation of business knowledge, a network for your career search and resources to assist in reaching your professional goals, as well as a vast array of opportunities for leadership and extracurricular involvement.  So how do you do it all? According to our panel of current student and alumni experts, the key to making the most of your experience all comes down to time management.

Start of the New (Winter) Quarter

By:  Bonnie He Liu

Hi everyone – Happy New Year! Hope that all of you enjoyed your winter break and had a good rest. I went back to China during the break and had a good time with my family. During my 20-day vacation, I also visited one of our Simon Alumni who is now working in a top American multinational conglomerate corporation. She was very nice and introduced me to a lot of things regarding her life at Simon and the company’s MBA graduate program that she evolved in. Also, I started my internship application during the holiday. It is interesting and fruitful to do those company researches and learn more about a job. I was nervous about how to get an internship successfully at the beginning. However, the truth is when starting to do so, things will become easier than you imagined because you will make big progress gradually. Don’t be afraid of reaching out for help. I got great support and help from my career consultant, my second year MBA coach, and my classmates during the process. Hope that all of usstudents can get an ideal offer as soon as possible.

Time flies and we just started our winter quarter this week. Different from what we have experienced last quarter, this quarter lasts only for 10 weeks without any long break. The quarter will not be easy but I am looking forward to taking new challenges and working all the problems out with my great classmates as a team.

You must have read my classmate’s sharing about their winter trip, and we are trying our best to tell you more about our life at Simon. Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything about Simon that you are interested in. My mail address is he.liu@simon.rochester.edu, and please stay tuned for further updates soon.


What I wish I had known before starting my MBA

By Santosh Jangiti

As a recent graduate of the Simon School, I can vouch for the fact that the MBA program was a truly exhilarating experience. Though the workload was daunting at times, the fun, challenging learning environment as well as a great bunch of friends made it thoroughly enjoyable. After looking back at the past two years, I would like to share a few recommendations I learned from my experiences: 

Your job search begins on Day One:  The main reason most students go to a b-school is to switch careers or for better job prospects. Hence, it is essential that you start your search on day one to secure a summer internship and to begin the quest for a future full-time job opportunity. The Career Management Center will be your key resource to assist in this process; however, each student must take individual responsibility as well. During orientation week, I met a classmate who already had a summer internship and classes were not even in session yet!

Once you are enrolled in a b-school I recommend setting up job alerts for an “MBA intern” on major business specific job sites. It is also important to have your resume finalized by the first week of class. During the first couple of weeks of classes you should be utilizing the Career Management Center to learn about the various career fairs that are available for you to attend. Second year MBA students can be helpful resources to narrow down the selection of career fairs to attend that are best suited for your goals.

The job search is a timely process and it can be challenging to balance this and the demands of the coursework. The reality is if you are serious about getting the most out of your MBA, you will need to learn to manage your time effectively so that you can do well in classes and search for a summer internship and full-time job position.

Network and Network some more: When I first began as a student at the Simon School, I was not really comfortable talking to complete strangers about a job. I had to make a conscious effort to practice networking and after the first few failed attempts, I learned to master this skill. If you are someone who needs to improve networking skills, try networking with second year students or recent graduates until you get comfortable. Building a good network of contacts is going to be essential not just for your post MBA career but your career in general.

One piece of advice I have for all first year students is to make an effort to get to know the alumni you are in contact with. Instead of networking with alumni for the sole intention of trying to get a job, learn about the person’s background and what they are currently doing. Even if they don’t have a current job opening, a genuine interest in their work will lead to a relationship that is bound to pay off in the long run.

Create a social media presence: In today’s web world, the best way to market the brand called ‘You’ is to blog, tweet or at least be an active participant on the appropriate LinkedIn groups. Look at social media as an additional tool to build your network. If you are someone who is interested in venture capital, try to read and be an active participant on blogs like those of Fred Wilson or Brad Feld. At the same time, share your insights and try to build a powerful brand for yourself over the two years of the MBA program. Once you have a network in place you will be amazed by the opportunities that open up.