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The Simon Community Rallies for Haiti and Chile

The spirit of giving is alive and well within the Simon community, as demonstrated by students’ fast action to raise funds for relief efforts around the world.  On January 12, a devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti.  While there are no current Simon students representing the country in the student body, fourSimon clubs sprung into action to raise funds for relief efforts: the Graduate Business Council, Net Impact, Simon National Black MBA Association, and Simon Volunteers.  The total giving of the Simon Community from this fundraiser alone was $4,038.  The three charities that received these funds were: Doctors Without Borders, $1,685 plus a matching donation of $1,000 for a total of $2,685; American Red Cross, $895; and InterVol, $458.  All contributions were collected outside of The Buzz, the Simon Community coffee spot.  The clubs also appealed to students online and those who responded to the web survey reported donating an additional $1,577 to 11 different organizations.

The earthquake in Chile on February 27 provided another opportunity for the Simon Community to come together and assist those in need.   Unlike Haiti, the Simon Community rallied around six current students from Chile who are suffering the loss of those injured or killed in this natural disaster.  The Chilean students of the Simon Community joined forces with Dean Ron Hansen and the American Red Cross to raise donations for Chilean Earthquake Relief.  Dean Hansen vowed to match donations up to $1,000, and also give a bottle of Chilean wine from his own collection to any student personally donating $100 or more.  In donating, Simon students show support not only for these relief efforts but also for the members of the international community who are personally affected by these events.

The altruistic efforts of students, clubs, and faculty not only reflect the global consciousness within the Simon School, but also give to those in need.  I am humbled and impressed by the speedy efforts and reactions of the Simon Community to assist those in need in both the Haitian and Chilean communities.