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Japan Trip 2012 by Simon Asian Club

By: Bonnie (He) Liu

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year and that everything is going well.

As promised, I would like to introduce our Japan Trip during the past winter break. Our nine days trip to Japan was amazing and this was the most wonderful trip that I have ever had! The trip had two major parts, one was corporate visits to companies, and the other one was sightseeing.

The opportunities of visiting top companies are very precious and unique for us business school students. During the trip we visited eight companies including: UBS, Toyota, Hitachi, Microsoft, Nomura, Societe Generale, Citi Bank and Rakuten. All the companies are leading players both in Japan and around the world in their own industry. What impressed me most was their hospitality. Although our visit was during the holiday season, which was also the busiest season for companies to do year-end balances, almost all the companies had their senior managers even CEO welcome us and present to us.

For the content of presentation, each company covered different areas of topics and shared their own insight with us. In summary, each company covered one or some of the following topics: 1) overview of the world financial market and Japanese market; 2) estimation of Japanese Economy under a new government leader; 3) company’s history and current status; 4) new product strategy, future business development strategy and people strategy etc.; 5) corporate social responsibility and partnership with other parties. At the same time all our participants had very active interactions with companies raising many insightful questions. We greatly appreciated what those eight companies shared with us and we did learn a lot as well. Not only did we have a deeper understanding of the market and the companies, we also got many networking opportunities with professionals from various areas.

The other important part of this trip was of course sightseeing and culture experience! Thanks to our Japanese classmates who helped organized the trip, we were able to visit those landmarks in Tokyo and at the same time enjoy life in Tokyo as real Japanese people.

We had our crazy Christmas party in Ginza singing Karaoke while enjoying delicious food. We had a whole day bus tour to 1) Tokyo Tower with the view of the whole Tokyo city and even Mt. Fuji; 2) one of the most famous gardens in Tokyo to watch a tea ceremony; 3) DIY Monjayaki on the boat with a great view of the sea; and 4) visit to Sensoji Temple. We had our alumni party in a great restaurant with 17 alumni who came to join us and shared their experience with us. We watched a Geisha performance and learned Japanese traditional art culture.  We went to Yokohama and Kamakura to explore Japanese Ramen culture and enjoyed a seaside hot spring house along with a visit to the famous Kamakura Great Buddha, and great snacks and food were a key part for sure. We also went to many other Tokyo’s landmarks including Omotesendo, Shibuya, Tsukiji fish market and Tokyo SkyTree. And for the last day of the year 2012 we had a wonderful hot spring tour and had our New Year countdown on the cruise with a fantastic night view of Tokyo Bay Area and fireworks! There can’t be a better way to finish an old year like this and start a new year by making a wish at a Japanese Shrine in the early morning.

Does this trip sound great to you? I can keep talking about our trip with a lot more fun we had there if there is not a word limit. Interested in the trip? Why not come and join us! I am curious of where is our next destination now.

At the very end, I would like to thank all our board members of the Simon Asian Club who made great efforts to make this wonderful trip real. And many thanks to all the eight companies who hosted us, thanks to all our alumni who joined our party, and thanks to all the support we received from different offices of the Simon School. We cannot make it without all of this help.

Thank you all who read this blog, and hope to see you soon at Simon.



Simon expands opportunities for Field Project experiences for MBA students

Simon has recently developed new partnerships with public and private companies to create a distinctive opportunity for our MBA students through Simon Field Projects. These assignments are 3-5 month consulting projects that allow our students the opportunity to apply classroom skills in a real-world setting while strengthening their professional resume. Teams will conduct research, develop recommendations, and propose an implementation plan. There may also be opportunities for the teams to work with the company on implementation of their suggestions.

The Field Project teams will include first-year MBA students acting as consultants who will provide recommendations to clients on a defined business situation. Each team will also have an experienced second-year MBA acting as the Project Manager and an assigned faculty advisor.  This year, Simon Field Projects span a variety of fields and industries, including finance, consulting and entrepreneurship.

Interested in learning more about the Simon student experience?  Post a question or connect with me over e-mail: Rebekah.Lewin@simon.rochester.edu and we can get you connected to a current student.

Rebekah Lewin
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration


Simon’s Annual NYC region Corporate Tour Event

By: Anthony Garrison, ’13 MBA

Q: What happens when you combine a 108-time Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper company, the world’s third largest consumer goods company, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company in sales, two leading companies in digital marketing and ROI measurement, and the most famous domestic PSA/non-profit agency into one tour?

A: A typical experience at the Simon School of Business with the Simon Marketing Association (SMA) Corporate Tour event held annually in the NYC region.

Each year, SMA travels to the NYC area with 20-25 students to visit successful companies championing innovation and smart marketing strategies.  Several of these companies recruit talent from Simon, and others are committed to the excellence in education Simon espouses.  Many Simon students will go on to be brand managers at these and other leading CPG, OTC, and service companies.  The tour is designed to broaden students’ exposure to marketing in various industries and across multiple functions.  And this year we added the Ad Council and AT&T AdWorks to our itinerary, increasing the impact of the tour for all those involved.

On Day 1 of the trip, students sat down with top executives at The New York Times in a boardroom overlooking Manhattan to discuss the print industry in the 21st century.  After exploring the integral relationship between 161 years of brand equity development and digital technologies for their corporate strategy moving forward, students heading uptown to AT&T AdWorks.  Following a lab tour, students engaged with AT&T employees on topics ranging from cross-platform marketing strategies to Big Data.

Day 1 was concluded with a visit to two companies striving for high-impact campaigns, the Ad Council and the Undertone Network.  Both have launched successful campaigns ranging from Smokey the Bear and Feed the Pig to COVERGIRL Flipstick and Ford F-150 trucks.  Students explored the nature of campaign building and digital marketing strategies in an increasingly congested advertising world.

Day 2 began with a kitchen tour at Unilever, followed by presentations and panel discussions on current and recent campaigns for product lines like Axe and Caress.  After maneuvering through integrated marketing strategies and data-driven decision making, students enjoyed an ice-cream social with multiple brand managers from Unilever.

Day 2 concluded with a hands-on strategy session at Novartis, where innovation continues to be a driving force for products and marketing strategies.  While working with current over-the-counter products, students engaged with brand managers and agency representatives to pitch ideas for product development, audience segmentation, and more.

The two days flew by, presenting students with a lot of useful information and tactical knowledge to use in their coursework and career search.  Next year’s tour is likely to be just as successful.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Simon Clubs & Organizations: What is Vision?

By: Tyler R. Converse, MBA ‘14

There are many opportunities to contribute to the Simon community. If you have an interest, chances are there is a club or organization that caters to your interest. As a 1st year MBA student, I have the privilege of being a Committee Member for the Simon Vision Partnership Program. The Vision Program partners with companies from the area that are looking for real solutions to real business problems. Working on these projects is a great way to put what you’ve learned to work, build your team collaboration skills, and give you a competitive edge on your resume.

This year, Simon students will be working on projects for companies within the health care, luxury car, education, and technology sectors. We anticipate even more industry differentiation as the year progresses. The projects span every concentration area, including consulting, pricing, marketing and finance, and provide Simon MBA and MS students with valuable experiential work experience.

The Vision Committee is comprised of 1st & 2nd year MBA students, MS students and prominent members of the CMC and Student Services. Additionally, Simon professors serve as faculty advisors to the teams as they work on projects. As a member of the Committee, I get to work with clients to vet projects and make sure that the deliverables will be beneficial to the client. Additionally, I make sure that the project provides students with ample opportunity to apply course materials to real-world business problems and exercise perspicacity within their area of discipline.  Once the teams have been selected, I serve as liaison between the team and client and manage the deliverable timeline (read: drill sergeant).

I love every minute of it. What I like most about the program is that it offers international students an opportunity to work on projects for domestic companies, Simon Early Leaders the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, and it offers the rest of the student body the chance to optimize a new skill set. I can’t think of a more satisfying role within a program that stays more true to the Simon motto – – Meliora!