Student Spotlight: Travis Church, 2015 MBA Candidate

Learn more about Travis and how his journey at Simon started.

I have traveled and worked in Qatar, the West Bank, Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan, Liberia, and throughout the US, which has given me aChurch_Travis-L culturally diverse perspective.  After six years of project management and business development in the construction industry, I was ready to apply my experiences to a program that would broaden my vision and expand my capabilities.  Simon’s world-renowned program is known for developing leaders with analytical and quantitative skills that are second to none.  However, it wasn’t until I received my acceptance phone call that I began to feel the importance of the journey I was about to embark upon.

My first real taste of the Simon program came during orientation when we were informed that at 8:00 am on the first day of class each student was going to give a one minute speech to the rest of the class about something, anything, truly special to them.  Naturally, our nerves jumped as reality began to sink in – we were all being asked to connect with each other in ways we hadn’t expected.  There were some funny stories, a lot of seriousness, and some real tear-jerkers.  However, what mattered most were not the stories themselves, but the personal connections we all made that day.

There are students here who have left friends, family, and children thousands of miles away in different countries to attend one of the most elite programs in the world.  We are a team, a family, and a network of new lifelong friends.  And it wasn’t until I listened to the stories of my fellow classmates that I understood what it means to have a truly diverse perspective on life.

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