Student Spotlight: Louis R. Mistretta, 2015 MBA Candidate

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it.” –Andrew Carnegie

LuisBusiness school is meant to expand your horizons and capabilities while making sure you Toughen Up and get ready for the challenge of working in a job market that demands the best. I knew Simon would be rigorous, challenging, and quick to push me to the limits of my ability, but what about the other side of the Simon experience? What would the interpersonal culture of Simon be like? Would it be a purely competitive environment, or would it be more welcoming than that? Who would my classmates be, and how would the students engage with one another? Since starting in August I have been consistently impressed with how inclusive and collaborative the learning here has been.

Over and over, I see students reaching out to one another to help teach tougher concepts to those who need clarification. I’ve been a part of student-organized study sessions where people from a particular subject’s industry teach a master class to fellow students. I’ve offered my own assistance to others in areas where I excel, and have received the same in return. When I look around I am struck by how cohesive our class is, and how quick they are to offer support to those around them. Embracing this support structure has certainly helped the success of the group, and as each person brings their own expertise to the table, the entire group benefits and grows.

This support structure is felt even in interactions with alumni. During the admissions process, I was amazed at how quick alumni were to offer assistance with everything from networking tips to case interview preparation and practice. I was so impressed with this that it helped finalize my decision to join the Simon community. I knew I wanted to be able to offer the same assistance and support to incoming students that I experienced. It has been a pleasure to find that this sentiment is common to the type of people found at Simon.

That said, don’t mistake a supportive environment for an easy one. Business school is not easy, and it is not meant to be. The challenges you will face here are designed to stretch your limits in every way possible, and if you choose to meet them head on they will push your growth and development forward in ways you didn’t know were possible. Simon will make sure you Toughen Up, but in the context of Simon’s collaborative culture you will find the experience to be one of the most rewarding of your career journey. We look forward to having you join us!

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