“Small Class Size” – What Does it Actually Mean for You?

The following blog post was written by Isaac Goodling, 2016 MBA Candidate

If you talk to almost any Simon student or alumnus and ask them why they chose Simon, one of the first things they are likely to say is, “I loved the small class size.” This is undeniably a great feature, but it is heard so often that it can sometimes be taken for granted and overlooked. So does it actually matter to have 120 students in your class instead of 200, 400, or even 800? Once you are on campus, how does it actually impact you?

Isaac Goodling  2016 MBA Candidate

Isaac Goodling
2016 MBA Candidate

  • Professors Know Your Name: OK, this is admittedly a bit of a cliché…but it does matter! Virtually every class you take at Simon will have fewer than 45 students, which means the faculty will get to know you through the quarter. Yes, it is harder to hide in the back, but this relationship facilitates better class discussions and allows students to get the most from the material. Another perk: Professors are often well known in their fields; if you build relationships with them, they can be an outstanding reference during the job search.
  • Relationships with Classmates: No matter where you go to school or how many students are in your class, you will most likely find a great group of lifelong friends. However, not every school will offer you the opportunity to get to know virtually all of your classmates. Between the smaller class size and Simon’s emphasis on working in teams, students at Simon form unparalleled relationships with peers from all types of backgrounds. Not only does this make your two years on campus much more enjoyable, it provides a built-in network of successful professionals as you advance through your career.
  • A More Personal Approach: Whether it is Admissions, Student Services, IT, or the Career Management Center (CMC), having fewer students on campus means that each person is able to receive more individual attention. Simon has its own departments in each of these areas and boasts one of the best career counselor-to-student ratios in the country. Whether you need advice on the job hunt or a t-shirt to replace the one you spilled coffee on (yes, it happens), the people in these offices are always available to help you make the most of your Simon experience.
  • Accessible Alums: Having a larger student body obviously means having a larger network of alums, but it doesn’t measure the connection that former students feel to their school. With all of the tight-knit connections listed above, Simon students leave with an unmatched loyalty to the school and a genuine desire to continue helping those who come after them. This translates into a group of people who are truly happy to network and to offer advice and guidance as you go through the job search process.

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