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Simon Student Series: Come for the MBA, Stay for the Personal Experience


Felipe Vasconcelos, MBA ’16

In the short time I have been at Simon Business School, I have had memorable experiences, exciting adventures with great people, and amazing new insights. Moving away from home is hard – being away from everyone and everything you know can be very challenging. For me, starting my MBA meant being in a completely foreign place with people I had never met. Fortunately, the Simon family welcomed me with open arms to help me transition into this new phase of my life.

One of the first pieces of advice given to me by a Simon student was to find a balance between my academic and social life. While the coursework is challenging and requires a healthy amount of time and commitment, it is also very rewarding. Because of the collaborative nature of the program, I was able to start forging meaningful relationships with my fellow “Simonites.” I soon found myself part of a fantastic circle that included not only fellow students, but also alumni and staff.

Active networking has allowed me to make new friends and create new opportunities, but it also helped me realize that I am not alone at Simon – there are other transplants trying to adjust like me. We have all been supporting each other towards collective academic success and individual professional goals. But we are also building strong relationships that make us a little less nostalgic for our homes. One Saturday you may be with first-year MBA students at the beautiful beach by Lake Ontario; another day, having a fantastic barbecue feast with second-year MBA students.

Dealing with moving away from friends and family is easier when you are not alone, and at Simon, someone will always be there for you.

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