Simon School Welcomes Early Leaders

By Lillian

For most individuals looking to get a graduate degree in business, they notice a few things:  there are dozens of programs, the degree concentrations can range from finance to marketing to social responsibility, and most programs require that you have between 3-5 years of full-time work experience.

The Simon School is not one of those programs.

In the past few years, the faculty and dean’s of the Simon MBA program have come to the realization that students with 0-3 years of work experience on their resumes can be just as dynamic, intelligent, qualified and driven as those with a few years more.  Not only has experience in the classroom shown that these students can hold their own academically, they also secure internships and post-graduate positions in comparable roles and industries to their more experienced peers.

At Simon, we actively look at every component in the applications of our prospective students, includeing those who have less work experience and are, on occasion, applying direct from their undergraduate educations.  That being the case, we host a number of events for our “Early Leaders” in the efforts to better know who they are.  Our events range from ones such as Undergraduate Preview Day, which was hosted just today on campus, to the Early Leader Case Competition, which is held each fall.  Not only do we believe these prospective students are as competitive as their more experinced counterparts, we also think they deserve appropriate scholarship as well and distribute it accordingly through unique award programs.  In fact, some students are unaware but there are a variety of Partner Programs that we work with and provide additional scholarship for those currently attending or graduating from those programs.

If you’re thinking of getting an MBA and are concerned that you might not have enough experience, take a few moments to explore the Early Leader Initiative and see what you find.

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