Simon Professors Outside of Academia

By: Austin Greenwalt

A common criticism of academia is that the professors tend to lack real world experience.  How can they help students prepare for the working world if they’ve never held a job outside of academia?  While this may hold true at many universities, Simon has a faculty that frequently contributes to both academic articles and the “real world”.  

If you’ve been following the Galleon insider trading case, it’s been hard to find an article lately that doesn’t mention Professor Gregg Jarrell, one of Simon’s most noted finance professors.  Professor Jarrell’s previous experience as Chief Economist for the SEC as well as a top expert witness on high profile trials helps him supplement classroom material with real life situations.  He treats his course, Cases in Finance, as a simulation of how corporate governance and mergers & acquisitions operate in the real world.   

While a gap has always existed between academia and the corporate world, Simon recognized this gap and provides professors who can serve as liaisons between the theories and practical applications.  It’s always interesting to watch the news or open the WSJ and see your professor putting classroom skills to work- it really shows how important sound business skills are.  Professor Jarrell’s class has provided a very practical approach to corporate finance.  Most of all, his ability to share outside, “real world” experiences contributed the most to my learning.

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