Simon Clubs & Organizations: What is Vision?

By: Tyler R. Converse, MBA ‘14

There are many opportunities to contribute to the Simon community. If you have an interest, chances are there is a club or organization that caters to your interest. As a 1st year MBA student, I have the privilege of being a Committee Member for the Simon Vision Partnership Program. The Vision Program partners with companies from the area that are looking for real solutions to real business problems. Working on these projects is a great way to put what you’ve learned to work, build your team collaboration skills, and give you a competitive edge on your resume.

This year, Simon students will be working on projects for companies within the health care, luxury car, education, and technology sectors. We anticipate even more industry differentiation as the year progresses. The projects span every concentration area, including consulting, pricing, marketing and finance, and provide Simon MBA and MS students with valuable experiential work experience.

The Vision Committee is comprised of 1st & 2nd year MBA students, MS students and prominent members of the CMC and Student Services. Additionally, Simon professors serve as faculty advisors to the teams as they work on projects. As a member of the Committee, I get to work with clients to vet projects and make sure that the deliverables will be beneficial to the client. Additionally, I make sure that the project provides students with ample opportunity to apply course materials to real-world business problems and exercise perspicacity within their area of discipline.  Once the teams have been selected, I serve as liaison between the team and client and manage the deliverable timeline (read: drill sergeant).

I love every minute of it. What I like most about the program is that it offers international students an opportunity to work on projects for domestic companies, Simon Early Leaders the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, and it offers the rest of the student body the chance to optimize a new skill set. I can’t think of a more satisfying role within a program that stays more true to the Simon motto – – Meliora!

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