Simon CFA preparation – part II

Post by Umesh Bhatia, class of 2010

It gives me a great sense of pride as I report on Simon CFA Program exam results from last year’s exam in June.  Out of the 16 students who reported taking the Level 1 exam, 15 passed for a pass rate of 94%.  The global average pass-rate for the CFA Level 1 exam is 47%.  Two students passed the Level 2 exam and three students passed the Level 3 exam.  The success has been truly something to build on and a point of pride for our school.

Now in the second year of its existence, the CFA club at Simon functions as a subsidiary to the Financial Management Association (FMA).  The club was formed to assist students interested in getting a CFA designation.  Each year during the late winter and spring quarters, the club teams-up with R.G. Quintero & Co., a leading provider of professional services and financial training, to conduct CFA review sessions on campus.  The sessions are at no cost to Simon students and are arranged over a series of weekends leading up to the CFA exam in June.
One of the club’s key assets is the strength of its CFA advisory panel.  The panel consists of 23 members including distinguished alumni from relevant industries with Dan Burnside serving as a faculty advisor, along with Christian Gordon from Simon School Advancement and Dean Zupan.  My role as the Vice President for Special Events and CFA for the FMA is to work with Christian and the Advisory panel as a student leader.  The Advisory panel funds the CFA club and all its activities.  Christian works with Dean Zupan to make the outreach to build long-term operating support for the CFA club.  The club is also looking to build a formal partnership with the CFA Institute, the benefits of which include the right to use CFA program partner logo, access to exam resources, subscription to CFA publications and five scholarships each year for exam candidates.
Coming back to the training, the Level 1 prep sessions for this year have already started in late February.  We had an enrollment of over 50 students for the first session.  We are expecting to repeat our success story this year and share more points of pride in the future.

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  1. CFA tutors says:

    A passing rate for the cFA level one exam of 94% is very very good.