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Simon Announces New Loan Program for International Students

By Rebekah:

As an update from last month’s blog post, I’m pleased to announce that the Simon Graduate School of Business has finalized a new loan program for International students that will provide partial funding toward full-time M.B.A. or M.S. studies, effective September 2009.  Credit-worthy International students are eligible to apply and there is not a requirement to secure a U.S. citizen or resident as a co-signer.  This is an exciting opportunity for incoming students who may hail from a region of the world where there may be limited credit options available to finance their graduate study in business.  As one of the most internationally diverse M.B.A. programs within the U.S., we feel that this program further supports our continuing commitment to provide access to the most highly qualified overseas candidates, regardless of financial need.

The annual loan limit will be based on the cost of Tuition and mandatory fees, minus any other aid received as certified by the School.  The minimum loan is $10,000.  The maximum loan amount depends on the program of study to which the student is enrolling.  Students with a significant negative credit history, such as outstanding defaulted credit, bankruptcies, tax or other liens or foreclosures will be declined.  Those borrowers with good credit or no credit reported on U.S. credit bureaus will be approved.

Details on the International Student Loan Program (ISLP) are available through the Simon School Web site and we also welcome inquries directly to the Simon School M.B.A./M.S. Admissions Office at admissions@simon.rochester.edu or 585-275-3533.

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