Simon- a Great Place to Be!

By: Vasudha

I take pride in introducing myself as a new blogger in the Admissions office. As an applicant, I found the admissions blog to be helpful in making my decision to attend Simon and I could envision its culture to understand what I would be getting into. Being a blogger now, I am thrilled to share my experiences to potential applicants and to everybody out there who is interested in Simon. Simon is a great school and I am really happy to be here. I was impressed with the intimate approach taken by the school right from the application procedures through to the everyday activities held at school.

Being in a one year MS Finance program, I was excited and tense at the same time to start out in the program. To make us feel at ease, Simon Admissions in collaboration with the Career Management Center held a tea party. At this event, I met many of my classmates and future friends for the first time and was excited to be among such a competitive peer group. And later the first week was spent in orientation sessions organized by the Career Management Center (CMC) and International Student Office (ISO). My key take-away from these orientations being an international student is that the CMC and ISO are my new BEST friends.

The first word which pops up to our mind when we think of a B-school is “Networking”. And yes, “Networking” is all that I hear about at ALL times at Simon. The concept of networking and reaching out to people overwhelms me, but thanks to the CMC and their preparation modules held over four weeks’ time, I am well equipped with the necessary communication skills to start networking. There is help provided to us at all times, however the onus is on us to utilize the resources in hand.

Classes and Professors-

The entire academic year is broken down into four quarters- Fall A, Fall B, Winter and Spring. Fall-A and Fall-B are the smaller modules when compared to winter and spring quarters. The Fall term focusses on building up the foundation for finance and we are allowed to take electives in the winter and spring term. In the Fall-A term, we had three core courses – Statistics, Economics and Capital Budgeting & Corporate Objectives. The first quarter was spread over 8 weeks. Though it started out on a familiar note, the course picked up pace in a couple of weeks and we got to learn excel in various other ways than we had already known. These courses are the foundation for all the future courses which we will be taking.

In the present quarter, which the admissions team fondly calls Fall-B, we have three courses- Investments, Accounting and Corporate Finance. Being from an Engineering & Economics background, this quarter’s courses are really new to me and I need to put in extra effort to catch up to the fast pace of teaching. However, the highly interactive teaching methods and expected high level of participation makes sure that we come prepared to class. It is fun to wake up every day to learn something new and our professors strive to keep making us learn.

Student Services-

The student services team at Simon is a highly approachable and friendly team. They keep us updated about all the opportunities that are available in the market that we could make use of. Nate Kadar is the guy who takes care of the MS Finance class and he is our go-to guy. He is a really helpful and experienced person who makes sure we are enjoying our time here at Simon. Simon hosts many coffee and networking events for us to interact with the Dean, professors and alumni which is consistent with the intimate atmosphere that Simon values the most. That’s all for my introductory post. I will be coming back soon with more on professors, their classes, updates on Simon events.

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  1. Ankit says:

    Hey Vasudha its a great post. As an prospective student its really good insight into the program. Waiting for your next posts.