Rochester Lilac Festival

The following blog post was written by Vicki Turakhia, 2015 MBA Candidate

My favorite time of year in Rochester is not when the weather starts to get warmer or the first snow, but the ten days set aside in the month of May. These ten days are for the Rochester Lilac Festival. This festival features live music, wine slushies, deep fried candy bars, games, zip lining, gorgeous lilacs and more.

Highland Park during Lilac Festival

Highland Park during Lilac Festival

This year was the first year that I had the nerve to try zip lining. And it was great! For a small price and a large amount of bravery, I was able to try zip lining. And while the distance wasn’t that far, it felt like a big step for me. The Lilac Festival proved to be better than previous years with great entertainment, weather and food. I also had the wonderful opportunity to try a deep friend Snickers® bar. I now wonder why all Snickers® are not deep fried?

This year was the 117th anniversary of the Lilac Festival! The festival is held at Highland Park, a beautiful park situated very closely to the University of Rochester. This year was especially great because the lilacs were in full bloom. The air smelled of lilacs and the park looked incredibly colorful. Going to the Lilac Festival is one of my favorite things to do in Rochester. The festival just ended, but I never miss it and I hope to go in the years following as well.

If you ever have the time, I highly recommend the Lilac Festival. It gets better with each year and showcases the Rochester community perfectly.

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