Reflections on the Simon MBA

By: Jason Rood

For the past two years, the most common question I’ve been asked by fellow students, prospective students and potential employers has been “why did you choose Simon?” I usually respond to this question with the same short list—the school’s quantitative approach, small size, and return on investment. As I enter the final stretch of my studies here at Simon, I think a better question for prospective students to ask would be “why should I choose Simon?”

This question forces a reflection of what I’ve learned over the past two years and how I’ve grown both personally and professionally. Academically, Simon provided the tools necessary to critically analyze real world business problems. Simon’s diverse student body provided incredible exposure to people of different professional and cultural backgrounds. I will leave Simon with, not only a global network of close friends and colleagues, but also an understanding of different cultures and business practices.

Most importantly, I’m leaving Simon with a unique approach to problem solving and a new way of thinking. Simon’s curriculum encourages you to combine quantitative tools and measures with critical thinking and effective communication. This approach discourages making decisions based on gut instinct and personal biases and, instead, promotes the use of hard data and analysis to make critical decisions in every field of business. This is what makes Simon unique. This is why I would choose Simon if I had to choose again.

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