Advice from the Assistant Dean: 3 Tips for Success with Your Round 2 Application

The following blog post was written by Rebekah Lewin, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid

It’s that time of the year! You have probably been busy studying for your GMAT or GRE, working on edits to your application essays, and trying to finalize all the details on your MBA or MS application for a Round 2 submission. Before you submit, here are three important tips to keep in mind:

Rebekah.Lewin1.) Be Yourself! I know I am starting with something that seems “big picture,” but it is really so important in how you present your candidacy to the Admissions Committee. From your essays, to the résumé, to your interview—we really want to get to know you: what makes you special and interesting, how you fit with our program, what you will learn, and where you will add value. If you have done your homework and really understand our program (a bonus tip!), then you can proactively demonstrate your interest in every section of your application. There are no right or wrong answers in essays and interviews, so be yourself and let your unique talents shine as we get to know you.

2.) Start early. With about three weeks left until Round 2, there is still plenty of time to put the finishing touches on your application, but don’t wait until the last minute. There are often items that require input from others, such as collecting transcripts and getting help proofreading an essay. If you wait until the last minute, then you run the risk of missing the deadline (or just adding more stress to the experience). Set up a project timeline with goals and deadlines for yourself to manage what you need to do and when.

3.) Don’t forget: it’s a holistic review. Each part of the application is important and no one area alone will be the key to getting you admitted or rejected. Many students focus on the quantitative aspects of the application (years of work experience, test scores, GPA) when determining qualifications. While these are important, they are not the only factors that will be considered—the Committee will spend even more time on essays, communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and the quality of your prior work experience as it relates to future career goals. Make sure that you are giving each part of your application the effort necessary to position your candidacy for success.

If you have questions on the application process or your specific candidacy, please reach out to our office. While we are officially closed on 12/25 and 1/1 to celebrate the holidays, we are open each of the other days (Monday through Friday) in late December and early January, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with you.  Please email our office at or call us at +1 (585)-275-3533. 

Good luck with your MBA or MS application—we hope to review it soon!

Simon Story: Optimizing Delivery for Amazon

Simon gave Shahbaaz Mubeen ’18 (MBA) the tools to communicate clearly and effectively with various organization stakeholders during his summer internship at Amazon. The mastery he demonstrated in finance, technology, and operations resulted in the creation of a team dedicated to implement the project he piloted as an intern, and ultimately landed him a full-time position with Amazon as a senior program manager.


Where will a Simon MBA take you? Find out—apply today. Submitting your application for our Round 2 – January 5 deadline will allow you to be considered for an invitation to Scholarship Weekend in February, where you can compete for scholarships beyond what is awarded at the time of admission.

If you have questions as you’re working on your application, check out our Round 2 Application Tips Webinar tomorrow, December 12 at 12 p.m. EST. 

Marketing Spotlight – MBA Class of 2019

As part of Simon’s newly-launched curriculum for 2019, students are able to choose one of 10 specializations arranged into three tracks—marketing, consulting, and finance. In addition to their specialization, Simon MBAs can also round out their studies by choosing one or more minors, designed to provide a deeper understanding in six key areas.

In Simon’s MBA Class of 2018, 29.4% of graduates were hired in marketing or sales functions with a mean base salary of $98,500. We wanted to introduce you to some current students from the Class of 2019 focusing their studies in marketing to give you a sense of the range of internships our students secure.


From left to right:
Mrigendra (Mrig) Mrityunjaya – Mattel, Global Brand Marketing Intern
Guilherme Milanezi – Dell, Marketing Development Program
Jasmine Mitchell – Starbucks, Product Management MBA Summer Intern
Silvia Quijada – Capital Group | American Funds, Summer Marketing Associate
Nikhil Pinto – Roche, MBA Summer Intern – Marketing
Cate Bannar – Whirlpool, MBA Brand Management Intern

To learn more about other popular career paths for our MBA graduates, check out our 2018 MBA employment summary. If you have questions about our curriculum or the admissions process, please contact us at—we would love to hear from you!

Simon Story: From #SimonStrong to Starbucks

“One thing that really stood out to me was just how warm everybody was.”

That was something that drew Jasmine Mitchell ’19 (MBA) to Simon as she was looking at MBA programs. That feeling is captured by a student-driven, grassroots phrase: #SimonStrong. In her words, “it’s who we are” and it represents how the students feel about one another and the commitment they share—something she sees as very unique to Simon’s program.

#SimonStrong is more than just a phrase, it’s a philosophy. Having benefited from mentoring by current students as she was embarking on her MBA journey, Jazz is returning the favor by reaching out to incoming MBA students. After her internship with Starbucks’ Global Marketing Strategy Division, she undoubtedly has valuable advice to share.


We respect one another. We show humility. We support each other. We act with integrity. We are professional. We are #SimonStrong. Are you?

Submitting your application for our Round 2 – January 5 deadline will allow you to be considered for an invitation to Scholarship Weekend in February, where you can compete for scholarships beyond what is awarded at the time of admission. Apply now

If you have questions as you’re working on your application, check out our Round 2 Application Tips Webinar on Wednesday, December 12 at 12 p.m. EST.